Even more personalized fertility treatment—made possible thanks to this new genetic test.


The future of medicine is heading towards personalized treatment. This means that illness is not only diagnosed and treated with a medication that works for the majority of patients, but rather that treatment is individually tailored to each patient to fit his or her specific needs. This specific genetic test can be used to diagnose numerous factors that play a role in responsiveness to fertility treatment (Study 1; Study 2), as well as determine the risk of developing infertility at an early age (Study 3; Study 4). Using deep sequencing, around 100 gene regions are analyzed that are (according to scientific research) associated with the following conditions:

  • Response to hormonal stimulation during IVF treatment
  • Risk of over-stimulation
  • Oocyte maturation and sterility
  • Repeated abortions, failure of implantation
  • Repeated IVF failures
  • Early menopause


With these state-of-the-art DNA tests, we at the Wunschbaby Institute Feichtinger can adapt your treatment plan to perfectly fit your needs, provide you with preventive medication, or inform you about other potential methods for fulfilling your wish to have children.


We recommend this genetic screening test to all women prior to fertility treatment so that we can plan accordingly. We also recommend genetic screening to women who have experienced poor response to or hyperstimulation during previous IVF treatment. We also recommend our FERTIFATE MY IVF test to all women with one of the following conditions:

  • Previous IVF treatment with poor response (few oocytes, poor quality of oocytes)
  • Previous IVF treatment that lead to hyperstimulation
  • Repeated failed attempts at IVF
  • Abortus Habitualis
  • Relatives who experienced early menopause or in women experiencing the first symptoms of early menopause


  • 1. Blood draw

  • 2. Chromosomal analysis

  • 3. Results

  • 4. Discussion of results

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