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The FERTIFATE THROMBO test can be used to analyze genetic variants for hereditary thrombophilia or altered folic acid metabolism, both of which are risk factors for causing repeated abortions and implantation failure.

Having repeated abortions or several unsuccessful IVF attempts can be due to a number of causes, such as hereditary changes in the hopeful-mothers genetic material. International studies have shown that hereditary thrombophilia (which leads to an increased risk of developing venous thrombosis) and altered folic acid metabolism are both associated with repeated abortions and repeated IVF failures.

We can analyze the four most important genetic risk factors with our coagulation diagnostics at the Wunschbaby Institute Feichtinger: Factor V Leiden, Factor II 20210, MTHFR 677, and MTHFR 1298.


Genetic testing for thrombophilia (clotting disorder) can detect an increased risk of developing several unwanted circumstances, such as an increased probability of having a miscarriage, repeated failed attempts at IVF, repeated embryo implantation failure, or insufficient egg quality. If the results of the genetic analysis are positive for thrombophilia, then it may be necessary to start treatment with thrombosis prophylaxis or folic acid intake. Your doctor will discuss the results and the potential available treatment methods with you individually.

The genetic analysis can also identify an increased risk of developing venous thrombosis. In this case, we recommend talking separately with a coagulation specialist.


We recommend our thrombophilia screening to all women who want to have children and have one of the following medical histories:

  • Unsuccessful attempts at pregnancy that have lasted more than one year
  • Several previous miscarriages
  • Multiple failed IVF attempts
  • Known risk of thrombosis or coagulation disorders in relatives


  • 1. Blood draw

  • 2. Chromosomal analysis

  • 3. Results

  • 4. Discussion of results

It usually takes three to four weeks after the date you had your blood drawn to receive your results.

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