In vitro Fertilisation - Künstliche Befruchtung

The WIF Genetics Department has completely redesigned its genetic laboratory and now offers state-of-the-art DNA analysis technology for various analyses related to reproduction and fertility. Thanks to FERTIFATE genetic tests, couples receiving fertility treatment can receive a comprehensive genetic assessment.

There are numerous genetic tests available. These are always adapted to meet the needs and relevant medical history of the patient, and all potential options are discussed thoroughly with the individual. All genetic analyses fulfill our concept for well-rounded, comprehensive fertility care. Genetic counseling, informational consultations, and detailed discussions of the results are also a relevant factor in our concept of care.

Personalized treatment is the future of medicine. One of the newest developments at the WIF Genetics Lab is the FERTIFATE MY IVF, which can predict treatment response to hormonal stimulation in IVF patients. Additionally, a new genetic test has been developed that enables early detection of the genetic risk of developing menopause at a young age: the FERTIFATE OVO RESERVE. The FERTIFATE family is growing continuously and new analyses are already under development.

The possibilities that personalized medicine has to offer are a vital part of our concept of comprehensive care in our couples receiving fertility treatment—from the very first appointment until the pregnancy test turns positive.

Prediction. DNA analysis can be used to predict predispositions to various diseases, treatment responses, or treatment complications. For example, the risk of POF (Premature Ovarian Failure) can be predicted in healthy young women, and the response to treatment and embryo development can be predicted in IVF patients.

Prevention. Individual prevention can be achieved by anticipating diseases and responding with treatment. Women with a genetic predisposition to develop premature ovary reserve depletion can receive anticipatory treatment with egg cell retrieval, which can then be stored and used at a later date.

If there is a genetic predisposition towards a particularly strong or weak response to treatment, then medication dosages can be properly adjusted. If there is a genetic predisposition towards coagulation disorders or disorders of folic acid metabolism, then these problems (which are often at fault for causing infertility!) can be solved simply through medication.

Participation. Our new methods help us to get to know our patients better while creating new possibilities for planning treatment together. It is solely up to the patients to decide which tests they would like to have performed, which results they would like to receive, and what consequences the results may bring. The physician’s task is to tell the patients their results and explain their meaning. Together, optimal treatment can be achieved.

Personalization. The classic therapeutic approach in modern orthodox medicine consisted of treatments used over decades, tested on as many people as possible with similar clinical findings.

Using the latest DNA-analysis technology, many genes (or so-called “gene panels”) can be examined simultaneously for the presence of disease-causing mutations. Last year, the molecular biologist Dr. Anna Oberle from the Genetic Laboratory at the Wunschbaby Institute Feichtinger (WIF) compiled two-gene panel tests based on intensive research. These panels contain numerous relevant gene mutations according to various scientific publications, in order to guarantee optimal treatment for our patients.

Through the DNA sequencing of these gene variants, a completely new, personalized treatment approach can be adopted and tailor-made for every woman and every man. This allows every couple to get to their dream baby as swiftly, effectively, and gently as possible.

More success with personalized IVF treatments

A personalized approach also greatly increases the response to treatment. Even in reproductive medicine, treatment outcome and patient satisfaction can potentially be significantly increased.

The path to receiving your dream child starts here!

We’ll take the rest of the journey together.

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