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Fighting Fire With Fire

When a substance triggers bodily ailments, it actually dilutes out into multiple, weaker forms and works against the very same ailments it causes – this is the principle of homeopathy, the way of similars. The word originates from Greek, "homoios" meaning similar and "pathos" meaning to suffer. Infertility is a stressor for many couples and homeopathy aims to relieve this stress. An informative discussion with experts explains the homeopathic possibilities.

Homeopathic drugs activate self-healing in the mind, body and spirit. Hence why homeopathy is categorized as a part of holistic medicine. The basic elements come from nature; primarily plants, but also animal products and minerals. Homeopathic drugs come in the form of pills, drops, pellets and powders. Completed preparations or individual compounds are available at Austrian pharmacies.

More information from the Austrian Society of Homeopathic Medicine:

Homeopathy at Wunschbaby Zentrum:

Dr. Irina Meisl
International Center for Energy Medicine
General Practitioner, ÖÄK-Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine Köstlergasse 4/9
1060 Vienna

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