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Autogenic Training

The term "autogenic" means "emerging from yourself".

The goal is to strengthen the body mentally and physically for self-healing. It is a scientifically established psycho-therapeutical method. Autogenic training can be learned in just a few weeks in group or individual courses and then personalized for your needs. It is important to assume a comfortable sitting position and relax the muscles completely.

The exercises consist of short, formulaic concepts; the patients focuses on the image and repeats it to themselves until it can be “seen” vividly. The tranquil position arouses particular sensations in the body. Muscle relaxation in the limbs gives a feeling of weightiness; good blood circulation gives a feeling of warmth. The “cause” can be conversely applied; by imagining warm limbs, blood circulation will increase and the entire body will relax. Conscious awakening is the end phase of an exercise and moderate body exercise reactivates nerve endings. Many people feel refreshed after autogenic training, comparable to having a rejuvenating sleep.

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