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Acupuncture helps the patient relax and facilitates embryo transfer.

Small Pinprick ? Huge Impact

Relaxation through acupuncture is beneficial not only to the well-being of the patient, but also as our studies show, significantly improves the chances for pregnancy. Patients receive acupuncture twenty minutes before and after embryo transfer. This procedure addresses the gastric/splenetic/pancreatic-meridian and blood circulation is thus improved. In addition, the liver/gall bladder-meridian and the circulatory/sexual-meridian will be sedated, having a positive effect on the endocrine system. The results speak for themselves: women who received acupuncture showed a conception rate of over 42%, whereas in the control group, only 25% became pregnant.

If requested, all IVF-patients can receive acupuncture treatment at the Wunschbaby Center by Drs. Fischlmaier, Krischker-Hohlagschwandtner, and Flich.

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If you have any questions, you can either direct them at one of our specialists via the form below or call our friendly receptionists under +43/1/877 77 75 and have an appointment scheduled.


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