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Causes of Male Infertility

Disruptions in Sperm Production

A spermogram assesses male fertility.
The essential parameters are:

  • sperm count
  • sperm motility 
  • sperm morphology.

Low sperm count:  OLIGOZOOSPERMY
Few sperm with high motility:  ASTHENOZOOSPERMY
Few sperm with normal morphology:  TERATOZOOSPERMY
Disturbance of all three parameters:  OAT-Syndrom

Other factors may lead to limited fertility:

  • undescended testicle
  • varicocele
  • mumps
  • hormone imbalances
  • inflammation
  • stress
  • alcohol and nicotine use
  • environment pollution
  • diabetes
  • operated tumors, chemotherapy, radiotherapy
  • genetic causes (e.g.: Klinefelter's Syndrome)

Disruptions in Sperm Transfer

Even when a sufficient amount of viable sperm is produced, the pathway might still be blocked. The result is a lack of sperm in ejaculation (Azoospermia).

  • blockage of the spermatic duct due to inflammation
  • sterilization (vasectomy) 

In rare cases, spermatic ducts never form.

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