Merry Christmas to all our Wunschbaby-Couples!

During Christmas Holidays we are working:

News & Information

„Chipsi“ - New therapy for male factor infertility:

As the first institute in Austria and one of the first in Europe, the Wunschbaby Institut Feichtinger offers a new sperm selection device, the Fertile Chip© for patients with male factor infertility. Read more

Causes for unintentional childlessness

We can define fertility as the inability to become pregnant after one year of regular sexual intercourse. The causes of infertility are evenly distributed among men and women, 30-40% each. Read more

Genetic testing

Genetic testing of a couple wanting to have a child is crucial. Chances of success and the risk of abortion or genetic diseases during artificial fertilization can be determined with the help of this testing. Read more

Glossary of terms

You came across terms such as down regulation, ICSI or TSH and want to find out what they mean. Read more

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