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Thomas (30) and Mariella (32)

We've known each other for ten years, we've wanted to have kids for five years, but it wasn’t going as planned. “Too much stress”, some people said, “you have to take a break” said the others. “When you stop thinking about having a baby, then you will have one for sure.” Our heads were spinning from all the advice we were getting.

As the months passed, Mariella became more sad and desperate. The first days of her period were terrible. Her gynecologist was staying positive, did ultrasonic examinations and ovulation tests and told us that everything was in order. We didn't want any further clarification for the time being. We tried relaxing exercises, homeopathy, acupuncture. We felt strong and more relaxed, but Mariella still didn't get pregnant.

We had long talks about our relationship and what having a baby would mean for us. A friend advised Thomas to go to the urologist. Why didn't we think of that earlier? The urologist performed a spermogram and the result was OAT Syndrome - low sperm count with limited motility. My doctor explained that we would have a hard time getting pregnant; well, we already knew that!

I was desperate and thought I wasn't a real man anymore; I had lost my identity. Sex wasn't enjoyable anymore; we hardly slept together, and when we did, it was only during ovulation – maybe it would happen after all.

Mariella's gynecologist suggested artificial insemination. We were taken aback. Artificial insemination – us? – please, that's somebody else's problem! Chaos ensued: Who could we talk to? Friends, family – what would they think? Finally we got up the courage and found some information on the internet. We scheduled an appointment at the Wunschbaby Center.

Antonia, born June 18

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