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Sabine and Manuel

Twins are a tradition in our family. I, Sabine, have a twin sister and as of mid-October, I am a mother of two twin girls.

But that's not the only family tradition. My sister and I have been famous since birth because we were the first “test tube” twins born in Europe. My mother trusted Professor Feichtinger way back in 1982, although in vitro was a brand new method in Austria. Her trust paid off after the first attempt. Because of our history, the subject of getting pregnant with medical help was never taboo. My sister Doris was lucky; she got pregnant naturally and is the mother of two.

I didn't have it so easy. My mother said "Go to Vienna to see Professor Feichtinger," like it was obvious that I couldn't conceive naturally. I was diagnosed with obstruction of both oviducts, same as my mother. Manuel and I went to Vienna a few more times for treatment and after the second attempt, I got pregnant with Sabrina and Jasmin.

In short, my story could be the first IVF story about two generations made possible through the pioneers of medicine, especially Professor Feichtinger and his team.

Doris and Sabine (born November 10, 1982) & Sabrina and Jasmin (born October 16, 2006)

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