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Richard (39) and Ute (33)

We were happy parents of a darling five-year-old little girl. Things were going great; we had built a house, we both had good jobs, and no troubles in life. When we would watch Lara playing, we thought how nice it would be to have a second child.

I stopped taking my birth control pills. The last time I stopped taking them, I got pregnant during the second cycle. If this was anything like last time, which we had no doubts about, we were counting on having our new baby around Christmas time. Unfortunately, this time was completely different. It took two years before I finally got pregnant. But this time it felt different; constant pressure in the lower abdomen, I was bleeding. My breasts were growing like they should, but somehow I knew that something wasn’t right.

I had already scheduled an appointment with my gynecologist. The night before, I woke up out of almost unbearable pain. My abdomen was tight, I was throwing up and could hardly walk. I had never felt so miserable. My husband rushed me to the hospital, where I collapsed.

When I woke up, my husband sat on my bed. He told me that it was a tubal pregnancy and one of my Fallopian tubes had to be removed. I was thinking to myself, thank God I have a second one! I had a second one of course, but it was obstructed. A spiteful chlamydia infection was the cause of my misery; no more children! I fell into deep despair. I withdrew from others. I didn't have any interest in my husband or my daughter. If I saw a pregnant woman, I would cross the street. Things got so bad that I suggested my husband should divorce me, because I couldn't have any more children.

Our marriage was almost over when my brother-in-law scheduled an appointment with Dr. Feichtinger at the Wunschbaby Center. They listened to our story sympathetically and suggested in-vitro treatment. Suddenly life made sense again.

Mathias, born April 12

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