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The Journey

To us, having children represents happiness and love. For many couples, they are a living testament to their relationship and complete the family circle.

In many cases, it's been proven that fulfilling the wish to have a child can be difficult. Not being able to have your own children can be equally painful and stressful. The thought of being labeled "infertile" or "impotent" prevents many couples from seeking medical help.

Nowadays, not being able to have children does not have to be regarded as destiny anymore. The causes can be diagnosed and treated through a series of simple medical examinations.

Perhaps a simple cycle monitoring is all that is needed, the often so-called intrauterine insemination (IUI) (requires open fallopian tubes and normal sperm count), or together we can discuss artificial fertilization outside of the body (IVF/ICSI).

Besides the modern technology, high quality standards, and long-lasting experience in this sensitive field, our personal and customized care for the couple, provided in a relaxing and protected environment, contribute to treatment success.

It is our greatest wish to accompany every couple as best we can on their way to having a child.

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