The dream to have children despite cancer

The Wunschbaby Institute Feichtinger gives cancer patients a new chance to preserve their fertility.

Due to the increasing efficacy of cancer treatment, the long-term survival rate of cancer patients has risen rapidly in recent years. Particularly young patients who have been cured of cancer often suffer from the long-term consequences of cancer treatment. The vast majority of young women and men undergoing chemo- or radiation therapy can suffer extensive damage to their ovaries or testicles.

In reproductive medicine, treatment methods are so far advanced that egg retrieval and cryopreservation can be performed shortly prior to beginning chemotherapy or radiotherapy, thus potentially preventing unwanted childlessness.

Almost all types of cancer are eligible for fertility-preserving treatment. Most young patients are often affected by cancers of the blood (leukemia, lymphoma, ...) and breast cancer.

Priv.-Doz. DDr. Michael Feichtinger has invested years of research and experience on the topic of fertility maintenance and has written several publications on this topic in international specialist journals and books as part of international collaborations. He is in close contact with the renowned Karolinska Institute in Stockholm and, in addition to his function as medical director at the Wunschbaby Institute Vienna, has a post-doctoral position at the Department of Oncology in the field of fertility maintenance.

Since 2019, the Wunschbaby Institute Feichtinger has been a member of FertiPROTECT, the international network platform for fertility-protective measures.

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I was very satisfied with the treatment. The team is always striving to do their best. The waits are short. We felt very well taken care of.

Relaxing Atmosphere: An Institute with a relaxing atmosphere, very friendly, compassionate care. Highly recommend.

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My doctor provided excellent guidance from our first meeting until successful pregnancy. I was able to call her at all hours of the day, and if I couldn’t reach her per phone, then I could always send her an E-mail.

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