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24.Juli 2018 um 17:30 UhrLainzerstraße 6, 1130 Wien
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Liebes Team

Wir möchten uns auf diesem Weg bei Ihnen allen bedanken für unsere J. Trotz aller Umstände haben wir uns sehr wohl gefühlt. Uns unser kleiner Schatz wiegt alles auf. Ganz besonderen Dank auch an Fr. Dr. Fischlmeier, die uns so kompetent und liebevoll betreut hat. Familie R.

Kinderwunsch & Menopause

Mag. Julia Ecker spricht in dieser Podcast Episode mit Dr. Nazira Pitsins vom Wunschbaby Institut Feichtinger in Baden über den Zusammenhang von Kinderwunsch & Menoapause, Auswirkungen und was alles rund um dieses Thema wichtig ist.

Sehr professionell!

Ich habe mich sehr gut verstanden gefühlt, sehr professionell betreut!

Liebes Kinderwunsch-Team!

Unser kleiner J. ist am 09.07. zur Welt gekommen. Wir möchten uns bei allem Teammitgleidern von ganzem Herzen für die kompetente und liebevolle Behandlung und Begleitung während der Kinderwunschzeit bedanken. Und sind froh darüber, gerade Ihre Hilfe in Anspruch genommen zu haben. Familie D.

Sehr geehrte Dr. Käfer!

Ein herzliches Dankeschön an Sie und Ihre Kolleginnen (Fr. Dr. Flich, u. Fr. Dr. Fischelmeier) für die Betreuung. C.R.-U.

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Kinderwunsch - Vom Wunsch zum Baby

Sabine and Manuel

Having twins is a tradition in our family. I—Sabine—have a twin sister, and since the middle of October, I’m the mother of twins.

However, that’s not the only family tradition: since the moment of our birth, my sister and I have been famous. We were the first set of twin test-tube babies born in Europe. Our mother trusted Professor Feichtinger back then in 1982, even though IVF was still a brand-new method of treatment in Austria. Her faith was well worth it—she ended up getting pregnant on the first try. Thanks to our story, the topic of medically assisted reproduction was never a taboo topic in our house. My sister Doris was lucky—she conceived naturally and is currently the mother of two children.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t that easy for me. “Go visit Professor Feichtinger in Vienna,” my mother told me as soon as it was clear that it would be impossible for me to conceive naturally. Just like my mother back in 1982, I was diagnosed with obstruction of both of my fallopian tubes. Manuel and I traveled back and forth to Vienna for treatment, and on the second try, I got pregnant with Sabrina and Jasmin.

My story is short, yet it’s still possibly the first IVF-story that took place over two generations and was made possible thanks to Prof. Feichtinger and his team!

Doris and Sabine (born 10.11.1982) & Sabrina and Jasmin (born 16.10.2006).

I was very satisfied with the treatment. The team is always striving to do their best. The waits are short. We felt very well taken care of.

Relaxing Atmosphere: An Institute with a relaxing atmosphere, very friendly, compassionate care. Highly recommend.

I would highly recommend this Institute to everyone: you don’t feel like a patient, all the employees are engaged and are excited for you. It’s a great feeling to receive so much support.

My doctor provided excellent guidance from our first meeting until successful pregnancy. I was able to call her at all hours of the day, and if I couldn’t reach her per phone, then I could always send her an E-mail.

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