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24.Juli 2018 um 17:30 Uhr Lainzerstraße 6, 1130 Wien
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Liebes Wunschbaby Team!

Mit dieser frohen Nachricht von der Erfüllung unseres langjährigen Herzenswunsches, möchten wir Ihnen ein großes DANKE sagen für die einerseits so kompetente, andererseits menschlich so angenehme Betreuung in Ihrem Institut!

Wir haben uns stets bestens betreut und beraten gefühlt.

Mit ganz lieben Grüßen

B. und C. H.

Liebes Wunschbaby – Team!

Unser zweites Wunscbaby M. ist da- wieder ohne fremde Hilfe! Trotzdem waren wir immer für die gute Betreuung dankbar! Liebe Grüße aus Graz, Familie G.

Wir möchten uns ganz herzlich ...

... bei Ihnen für ihr Engagement in Ihrer Arbeit bedanken. Ohne Sie würde der Termin nicht zustande kommen, an dem  uns unser Töchterchen geschenkt wurde. Ich denke heute oft voller Dankbarkeit daran und bin überzeugt, dass Sie der liebe Gott als Werkzeug benutzt hat. Auch bei Ihren Kolleginnen und Kollegen möchten wir uns für die nette Betreuung bedanken. Familie D.

Liebe Frau Dr. Fischelmaier, liebes Wunschbaby Zentrum Team

Am 20. Mai hat unsere B. das Licht der Welt erblickt. Sie ist gesund, sehr aufgewckt und unser großer Sonnenschein. Liebe Grüße Fam. S.

Babypost von Lieselotte

Lieber Herr Professor Feichtinger! Liebes Wunschbaby-Team!

Wir kennen uns ja eigentlich schon recht lange – länger noch als meine Eltern und daher ist es höchste Zeit, mal „Danke“ zu sagen, dafür, dass Ihr meine Eltern so nett und fachkundig betreut habt,
dafür, dass Ihr mir so sehr geholfen habt, mich auf meinen Weg zu machen,
dafür, dass Ihr so an mich geglaubt habt – kurz:
dafür, dass es mich gibt. Ihr habt meine Mami und meinen Papi unendlich glücklich gemacht. Das vergessen Euch die beiden nie! Alles Liebe,
Eure Lieselotte

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Kinderwunsch - Vom Wunsch zum Baby

Angelika (32) and Stefan (37)

For the majority of my adult life, I have done everything to avoid getting pregnant.

First, I finished school, then my studies, and finally I had a chance to gain a foothold in an international company. I enjoyed my life to the fullest. Some friends might have labeled me a workaholic, but I liked what I was doing. I was able to make a difference, soon managed my own department, and with Stefan I had found a partner who didn't want to see me become a housewife. He was also successful professionally and in our not-so frequent but still exciting free time, we traveled a lot.

We got married three years ago. We had a great reception and of course, treated ourselves to a lavish honeymoon. Sharing a name inspired the desire to share even more things together. It was time for a baby, that was the plan. Since we were able to fulfill all of our life goals up until this point, we didn’t contemplate the possibility that getting pregnant might not be as easy as we expected. And we were right! Within 2 months after stopping birth control, I was pregnant. “well then,” I thought, “that was easy”, and I pushed my gynecologist’s warnings that it could take a while after stopping birth control aside.

Unfortunately, I lost the baby in the third month of pregnancy. Naturally, it came as a complete shock, especially after I woke up from the narcosis after the curettage and felt the emptiness in my belly. Despite all this, we remained optimistic. We were sad, but we believed that mother nature had a reason for preventing this child from growing. Despite all efforts from my gynecologist, a hormone status, even sending Stefan to see a urologist for an examination, I realized that there are always exceptions to the rule. Patience is not one of my strengths, nor is it one of Stefan’s.

Before we tried this and that half-heartedly for an extended period, we decided that going directly to the Wunschbaby Institute was in our best interests. During our first consultation, we learned that there were several other possible examinations we could receive that we had never heard of. We went through every single exam, which tried our patience, but in the end, it was worth it. Our daughter was born on the first of May (Labor Day), and yeah – the little cutie definitely took a lot of work to get. But she was well worth all our efforts!

Johanna, born on May 1st.

I was very satisfied with the treatment. The team is always striving to do their best. The waits are short. We felt very well taken care of.

Relaxing Atmosphere: An Institute with a relaxing atmosphere, very friendly, compassionate care. Highly recommend.

I would highly recommend this Institute to everyone: you don’t feel like a patient, all the employees are engaged and are excited for you. It’s a great feeling to receive so much support.

My doctor provided excellent guidance from our first meeting until successful pregnancy. I was able to call her at all hours of the day, and if I couldn’t reach her per phone, then I could always send her an E-mail.

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