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Liebes Team!

Wir waren im Sommer letzten Jahres bei Ihnen und es hat auf Anhieb geklappt und wir waren sehr glücklich. Verspätet vielen Dank für die liebe Betreuung damals! Herzliche Grüße Familie R.


Sehr zufrieden mit der Arbeit aller Mitarbeiter, sehr vernünftig und hilfreich. Wunderbar

Kinderwunsch & Unfruchtbarkeit beim Mann: Interview mit Benedikt Schwan

Mit 41 Jahren wurde bei Herrn Schwan Unfruchtbarkeit diagnostiziert. In diesem Interview mit Julia Ecker spricht er über seinen Umgang mit dieser Diagnose, sowie seiner beachtlichen Recherche rund um das im wichtiger werdende Thema männliche Unfruchtbarkeit, welches mittlerweile in über 50% der Fälle mitgrund für einen unerfüllten Kinderwunsch ist.

Perfekte Unterstützung beim Schwangerwerden

Man fühlt sich von Anfang an bestens aufgehoben. Angenehme Atmosphäre. Alle höchst kompetent und sympathisch. Uneingeschränkte Empfehlung.

Was tun bei männlicher Unfruchtbarkeit?

Mit den - oft nur wenigen - erhaltenen Samenzellen oder deren Vorläuferzellen kann die Befruchtung der Eizellen ausschließlich mit der ICSI-Methode durchgeführt werden.Mehr dazu in folgendem Video:

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Kinderwunsch - Komplementärmedizin

Mental training during fertility treatment

The psychological stress throughout fertility treatment is immense, especially in couples who’ve been trying for longer periods of time and are hoping to finally fulfill their dreams of starting a family. Dreams themselves are positive visions of the future, and it’s often worthwhile to take advantage of all available methods to fulfill them. However, when it becomes apparent that a dream is working against the well-being of the dreamer, for example when an uncontrollable situation is preventing the dreamer from fulfilling their dream, then I tend to speak of “cursing”.

In order to contribute something positive and regain authority over your vision, it is often necessary to take a step back and re-evaluate yourself and your biography. People dealing with an unfulfilled desire for children over a longer period may experience their situation as a crisis, but this situation can be utilized for self-reflection and to discover their potential for finding solutions.

In mental training, patients learn relaxation techniques that make it possible to gain a glimpse into their inner world. In the form of inner images, the body provides answers to the question of the body's own needs. This knowledge, along with the potential to adapt it into everyday life, can optimally be used to achieve balance within the body.

For female patients, knowing that they are in charge of their situation and can actively contribute to the fulfillment of their dreams can provide a sense of healing and relaxation simultaneously.

More information can be found on my homepage: www.patchworkfamily.at

Dr. Sandra Elnekheli, Doctor of General Medicine, Dipl. Sexual Consultant and Educator

The path to receiving your dream child starts here!

We’ll take the rest of the journey together.

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I was very satisfied with the treatment. The team is always striving to do their best. The waits are short. We felt very well taken care of.

Relaxing Atmosphere: An Institute with a relaxing atmosphere, very friendly, compassionate care. Highly recommend.

I would highly recommend this Institute to everyone: you don’t feel like a patient, all the employees are engaged and are excited for you. It’s a great feeling to receive so much support.

My doctor provided excellent guidance from our first meeting until successful pregnancy. I was able to call her at all hours of the day, and if I couldn’t reach her per phone, then I could always send her an E-mail.

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