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Psychotherapeutic Counseling

For many couples, children are a living testament to their relationship and complete the family circle. This is also why so many couples often grieve the inability to have a child. Questions come to mind like: “What are we doing wrong?”, “Is something wrong with us?”, “Can we even have children at all?”

If a couple cannot conceive naturally, it is common to feel helpless and experience pain and heartbreak. The couple might even feel ashamed or inadequate, because it should be “normal” to be able to have children. Feeling that your own body has abandoned you can lead to anger, fear, hopelessness and often just wanting to give up. It is not always easy to control these thoughts or feelings and they can have negative impacts on your body. To achieve optimal fertility conditions, it is important to bring your mind, body and spirit in balance. Psychotherapeutic counseling can help the couple find the answers they need and restore those positive feelings of confidence and composure.

Counseling can help couples:

  • rethink about their own strengths and the strength of their relationship
  • rejuvenate their relationship
  • take their minds off pregnancy troubles and focus on other activities (more contact with family and friends, sports, travel, culture, common hobbies)
  • get back into good physical and mental condition, which can raise self-esteem and the chances of becoming pregnant
  • find solutions to tough decisions about medical treatment
  • identify and sort through possible psychological causes preventing the couple from pregnancy.

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