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Traditional Chinese medicine

Gynecology and obstetrics have a long history in traditional Chinese medicine.

Sterility was a common topic in Chinese society, with many early traditions dating back thousands of years: “If the DU Meridian is sick, woman can not conceive” knew Huang Di Nei Jing in 2000 B.C. Traditional Chinese medicine is a combination of acupuncture, phyto-pharmacology, nutritional science, touch therapy and body exercises like Qi Gong and Tai Qi. This is the oldest, most uninterrupted healing method; civilizations around the world have been practicing this technique for ages.

TCM knowledge can be effective for treating couples wanting to have a child. According to pre-Confucius and Tao’s ideas, man can not exist alone and isolated from everything and everyone else. To the Wunschbaby team, no single Western medicine technique can remain successful for a great length of time without being used in conjunction with alternative medicine.

Thanks to the successes of Ms. Dr. Fischlmaier, the Wunschbaby Center offers a combination of State of the Art Western medicine and holistic traditional Chinese medicine.

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