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Diagnosis and Treatment: One and the Same

Flexibility and internal balance of a patient can be affected by the sense of touch and targeted muscle exercises. Osteopathy is a long-since accepted and widely-used alternative medicine technique especially for back and joint pains; it can also be effective for couples trying to conceive.

The term comes from the Greek language: "Osteon" meaning “bones”, and "pathos" meaning “disease”. This method, designed to stimulate self-healing, was founded at the end of the 19th Century by American physician Andrew Taylor Stills. It is based on the fact that organs in the body are supported and protected by skeletal muscles. If joints and muscle systems are properly aligned, body tissues will be also healthy and circulation, lymph and digestion systems will function properly. If skeletal muscles are impaired because of injuries, bad posture, stress or psychological strains, it can result in localized pains or disruptions in the vital organs, circulatory, respiratory and nervous system.

Osteopathy uses a variety of techniques, from gentle massage to jerky movements, to rejuvenate bone and joint function, relax muscles and to restore the healthy rhythm of the bodily organs and fluids. Pain is reduced, balance restored and self-healing reactivated. Osteopathy is recommended to fertility patients to ensure good function of all joints and organs in the pelvic area. Whiplash or collapse of the sacrum can cause menstrual irregularities or even infertility.

In reference to infertility, it is important to mention that the female pelvic area is endowed with highly keen sensors and even minor changes can disturb its function. Osteopathy recognizes this interference, corrects it and can restore it back to the normal state.Our partner for Osteopathy und Craniosacral Therapy:

Nina Köck
Serravagasse 6/2
1140 Vienna
Tel: 0699/100 893 61

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