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Legal Conditions

As of July 1, 1992, the Reproductive Medicine Laws (Fortpflanzungsmedizin-Gesetz (FMedG)) have taken effect, regulating the application of various fertilization procedures.

As a result, our institute, which has received special authorization, is in the position to carry out IVF treatment for married and unmarried couples. Couples who are not married are required to obtain detailed information regarding the legal consequences of the agreement from the court or notary before beginning treatment.

Fertilization with donor sperm can also be performed at our institute. Under all circumstances, this procedure requires a court-issued or notarized legal document signed by both partners.

Donated sperm or eggs not allowed to be used in IVF on legal grounds, which represents a major impairment for female patients. There are special cases where infertility is the result both of low sperm count and obstructed fallopian tubes, or missing ovaries from birth, or ovaries which have been removed or no longer function because of operations, radiation treatment, etc.

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