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Wunschbaby Institut Feichtinger

Angelika (32) and Stefan (37)

I avoided getting pregnant during most of my more-or-less adult life.

First there was high school graduation, then college graduation, and then I got the chance to work at an international company. I lived my life to the fullest. Some of my friends thought I had some workaholic tendencies, but it suited me. I was making a difference and quickly moved up to department manager. I had found a partner in Stefan, who couldn't see me as a stay-at-home mom either. He was equally successful in his work and we did a lot of traveling during what little free time we had.

We got married three years ago and treated ourselves to an amazing wedding and an amazing honeymoon. Along with sharing the same name came the wish for more togetherness, and so we planned on having a baby. Since all of our other plans had turned out like we wanted, we didn't think for a second that it would be difficult to have a baby. And we were right! I got pregnant two months after I stopped taking my birth control pills. "Great", I thought, "its happening!" Since I was on cloud nine, I disregarded the warnings from my gynecologist that it takes longer to get pregnant after being on birth control for such a long time.

Unfortunately, I lost the baby in the third month of pregnancy. Naturally it came as a shock to us, especially after I woke up in the hospital and felt the emptiness in my stomach. In spite of it all, we weren't pessimistic. We couldn’t help being sad of course, but confident that Mother Nature had a reason why this child wasn't meant to be born. But after all the ventures of my gynecologist, hormone tests, and Stefan being sent to the urologist to be checked out, it was a whole new ballgame. Patience is not my greatest strength, nor Stefan's.

Rather than trying just any old treatment, we went to the Wunschbaby Center. During the initial interview, we found out that there are other examination options we hadn't even heard of. We did all the tests and had to muster up some patience, but eventually it paid off. Our daughter was born on May 1st, Labor Day, and that cute little bundle was a lot of work. But she was worth every minute!

Johanna, born May 1

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